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Being In Your Business
How the subtle impact of your state of being enhances and adds value to your connection with those you serve.
© Burt Dubin

We're talking about being, your state of being, your beingness as you do whatever you do in your chosen field. . . "It's not what you're doing or saying, it's who you're being." This was the theme of the very first Inner Circle Boot Camp that I created and hosted in December 1997.

It's not what you're doing or saying, it's who you're being. A year later, in Sedona, Arizona, 24 of my Inner Circle Members gathered to look into the significance of the spirit of the entrepreneur.

Before proceeding, letís clarify the word entrepreneur. Some readers may be managers. Some may have a job, maybe an unsatisfying job. You may be dreaming and yearning to be in your own enterprise.

You are! Youíre in your own enterprise now. Youíre the CEO, the president, the managing director of YOU, INC! I remember several times in my young life. Times when I was working for a major corporation. Creating outcomes for them for which I was not appropriately rewarded.

I knew in my bones that the real reward was my greater capacity to produce breakthrough outcomes. I know my time would come. And it did. As will your time.

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur. . .your spirit, your essence, your core, your values, your principles. . . are the most significant aspect of you that you bring to the work you do, the service or products you you create, produce, or deliver.

This is the most important, most valuable, most penetrating gift you bring to those you serve. Your essence, your spirit, is the first and most lasting impression each prospect, customer or client receives from you.

This is the shimmering gift you share. Your essence has a vibration. This vibration gives you a glow. Your glow is a subtle, invisible radiation, a resonance that reaches and penetrates the consciousness of those you influence, whether in your presence or not

If there were a way, a simple, fast, easy way you could use to allow your state of being, your essence, to pervade, to illuminate, to add transcendent value to your every feeling, thought, word and action, would you choose to use it? Stay tuned! Here it is:

Start by surrendering. Surrender to the higher purpose of your aliveness. Start by allowing yourself to be an instrument of highest service as you do what you do.

Recognize that the highest, the deepest, the most profound gift you share with your prospects, customers and clients has nothing to do with your deliverables. It's not what you're delivering, it's who you're being.

You generate and radiate a personal magnetism, an electric quality that all around you, all influenced by you, perceive when you do the following things. (This works regardless of your age, gender, or physical appearance.)

Generate an inner glow. Consciously arouse a feeling that is a combination of alertness, excitement, exhilaration, elation, anticipation, confidence, and emotional power. Then be acutely aware of an intensification, a surging build-up of these feelings.

  1. Keep this combination of emotions restrained and controlled-and ready to release to whatever extent you will. This produces a vibrant inner tension, like the archer's bow drawn back. That's how you generate your inner glow, your personal magnetism.
  2. Radiate an outer glow. It's easy! Simply feel yourself doing it. Feel that you are surrounded by your personal aura of radiant personal magnetism. (Just as a real magnet is surrounded by a magnetic field.) Allow yourself to own the conscious feeling that you can attract whatever you want within your magnetic field.
  3. Smile with your eyes. A smile that starts within your eyes also starts within your heart. And it's at the heart level that you really get through to people.

Suppose those you serve do not see you. You deal with them by phone, at least at the start. Do what I recommend anyway. Listeners will actually hear your smile! What if you donít speak to those you serve. Let the qualities I endorse radiate outward through the spirit, the essence, of the words you write, just as Iím doing now. See. it works. (Deep sigh.)

Add power to your every interaction and every communication by internalizing these concepts. Whatever you feel, think, say or do, simply allow your precious and personal beingness to radiate out from you. Then, like a lovely melody that keeps running through a person's mind, your theme, your spirit, your essence is transferred to and lives on in the minds and hearts of everyone in your universe.

You reach them. You touch them. You affect them deeply and unforgettably. You make a durable difference.


I must acknowledge the influence of Kop Kopmeyer on some of the concepts in this article. I met Kop briefly in 1984 shortly before he left this plane. He gave me an indelible understanding of the difference one person can make. He could not have known I was the starfish he threw back into the sea.



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The words of his clients, the admiration and respect expressed for his work by some of the worldís most successful speakers, testify to the values you receive. For samples of the wisdom available to you, simply go to

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© Copyright 2003 Burt Dubin



 © Burt Dubin
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