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Go With What Brung Ya'!
by Burt Dubin

Bill Gove, NSA's first president, said those famous words. And they are the essential wisdom of finding your perfect niche. Go with what brung ya'. Here's how:

Array your assets before you: Your background, your beliefs, your education, your essence, your experiences, your feelings, your spirit, your talent, your tastes, your travels, and your values.

Resting quietly in this 11 part pastiche is your perfect niche. Ask yourself these questions: What is your secret dream? What are your known talents? What are your hidden talents? What are your real strengths? What do you do best and have the most fun doing?

In the tapestry of your responses to these queries your niche waits for you to recognize it. Know this: You were born unique. You are one-of-a-kind. You are the best you, the youest you there will ever be. And there will never be another you. You're here on a one-way ticket. You have your life to live. More than that, you have your chance to leave this a better world because you were here.

You're a speaker or a wanna-be. You have a history of hopes and longings, hungers and yearnings, hunches and desires, actions and attainments. These colluded innocently and unknowingly to deliver you and your consciousness to this hour.

The bundle of 11 assets named in the second paragraph above add up to you. You're the world expert on you. And you want answers.

I don't have them. The answers you seek are inside of you. They're jumping and shouting, "look at me, here I am, here I am, here I am!!!"

Here are some ideas you can use to find your personal answers:

  1. Ask yourself, as an expert who speaks, what sort of people you want to address.
  2. On which topics or issues do you want to make yourself a world-class expert.
  3. What do you see as your gift for the world?
  4. Let your subconscious mind guide you. Listen to your inner knowing.
  5. Go to the largest convenient book shop. Seek books by futurists. Look for sunrise industries. Research emerging trends. Plan to ride the wave of these trends. To make yourself a recognized expert in something.
  6. When useful answers come to you, write them down. Then, take resolute action.
  7. Light a fire in your belly, a passion for your chosen topic, a passion that empowers you to illuminate others.

Once you have selected-or intuitively accepted-your niche, your real work starts. Develop a one hour speech, a blend of substance, entertainment and a bit of participation. This program is to be inspiring, fun. You share what-to's, not how-to's. This is your General Session speech.

Next, create a 2 to 3 hour seminar or workshop. In this format you deliver how-to's. This is your Breakout Session program.

Now you're ready to build your name and fame. Here are smart actions to take now:

1. Create 20 minute talks, each a synthesis of some of your essential wisdom. Begin to give free talks to service clubs and community organizations. This is your shakedown period. It's your off Broadway tryout. If you're like most experts who speak, you find yourself cleaning up and enhancing your program.

2. Write papers to self-publish. Start getting articles published in media read by those in your target markets.

3. Oh, there's so much more-and, darn it, we're running out of space. If you're intrigued by the thoughts I share above, get my Speaking Strategy Report #1, Positioning Magic. You're worth it. And you won't be sorry. You get 18 pages of pure wisdom on finding your perfect niche. Plus much more. You make yourself a nichemaster when you abide by this guidance. Plus, you get a 5 year no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.



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