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What it Takes to Succeed in the
Professional Speaking Business

by Burt Dubin

BurtBW-10008I've been there, dead broke, flat on my assets, struggling to survive in the professional speaking business.  I survived only by my unswerving imagination, sustained only by vision.

Perhaps this glimpse of my journey to becoming a successful professional speaker may yield hope:

It started with implacable will, iron determination, bulldog blood, an inner spirit that I was not going to surrender to defeat as long as there was breath in my body.

    I slowly realized that like all activities, the professional speaking business had rules of play that I had to discover and master.


My journey to becoming a professional speaking success continued with relentless research. The fruit of my investigation was that 80% of success in the business of professional speaking had little to do with platform performance. My professional speaking success emerged from having a unique position, a burning desire, a mission so powerful that the mission possessed me. I also succeeded using alluring promotion, magnetic marketing, a bit of wit and a colossal commitment, so huge that I surrendered everything in the service of the professional speaking success I yearned for. Those were a essential discoveries on the road to my success.


I also discovered that it took ceaseless work, unending hours engaging the wisdom I harvested. First to discover how to direct market my services, then to master indirect marketing, eventually discovering the indescribable joy of hearing my phone ring. Imagine having decision-makers calling you to ask if you can speak for them! There's nothing like it.

Repeat Business

After that, with bookings flowing in, I had to discover yet another secret to building a successful professional speaking business – the secret of repeat business.  I invented a way to present programs much like the fabled Chinese meal. Programs that left my audiences satisfied yet hungry for more, and then more again.


Let's not forget marketing graphics, printing, and promotion, appropriate for my fees at the time. These had to be updated and revised often as the level of my programs evolved and as my letters of commendation rolled in.

Spirit, Love, Caring

Finally, and really first in importance, spirit, love, caring, acceptance of the mantle of power of being a successful professional speaker.  I realized my profound responsibility and accountability for judiciously using that power. The privilege of the professional speaking platform is an awesome responsibility. We professional speakers influence lives. We affect market penetration, sales and profits of companies, and the return their shareholders enjoy. We ease the way. We give people hope. Professional speakers are light-bearers.

Higher Purpose

I learned that by surrendering to a higher purpose, embracing my intentions, I occasionally found myself living in a state of euphoria. I enjoyed increasing moments of inner peace, a sense of rightness about how I was engaging my energy. I knew I found what the Buddhists call right livelihood.


Having been a pioneer in the professional speaking business, I became obligated to mentor and help others master the professional speaking business while avoiding what I endured. You can attain the level of success that you desire in the speaking business, faster and easier than I did. You can stand on my shoulders. Follow my methods and I guarantee your success in the professional speaking business.



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