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Sell Yourself to Success
by Burt Dubin

The secret to a successful career is to sell yourself. Whether you are an employee, self-employed, or a business owner, you must sell yourself to succeed. Here are four things you need to know to sell yourself to success:

Know your subject

When I was 17 I lied about my age to get a job at RCA. I was the sole support of my mom and two kid sisters. I quit high school because there was no one else to support them. I quickly worked my way into the electronic test group. I studied my task, just as I recommend you to do. My love affair with the CRT and the alignment process yielded new, original, previously undiscovered ideas to shorten a procedure from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. Standing firm against the non-believers, I prevailed. I got the process I conceived made the new standard, thus tripling production in my department. I knew my subject. I made the sale.

Know your subject inside out, upside down, backward and forward. Study it tirelessly, endlessly, relentlessly. Make your expertise your other intimate other. Love your passion.  And make it a passion that knows no bounds and has no limits. Devote yourself to your field resolutely -- and make yourself its master. Dedicate your energy, your time, your resources without limit and without reserve to your chosen discipline. Yes, have a love affair with your career and it will produce both satisfaction and wealth.

Know your market

Years ago, way before I dreamed of becoming a consultant, a mentor, or a speaker, I represented the Pepsodent Division of Lever Brothers to retailers in the Greater Los Angeles area. I found retailers who didn't know that they craved to carry my line, to display it, feature it, promote it. I identified dozens and dozens of stores, targeted them and won them over. Not just as customers, far more than that. I made them advocates, believers, disciples. Amen, brother! This passionate devotion to the cause of that brand carried me to recognition, awards -- and much more. I knew my market.

Know your market. Know exactly what people, companies, associations, groups, and industries are most likely to appreciate you and your mastership -- and to reward you handsomely for your insights, your views, and your recommendations. Know their demographics. Know their psychographics. Then stay on top of events that matter to leaders in your subject. Be a restless, hungry, greedy seeker of every crumb of data, knowledge, and wisdom that impacts those at every level in your market. Include all, from the shareholders to the Board to the CEO to senior management to every level, every specialty, every group and sub-group. Leave no stone unturned.

Know yourself

Know your values. Know your value -- and don't settle for less. Know what you stand for. Know what matters, truly matters, bone-deep, to you. Know where you've been. Know where you're going. Know why you do what you do.

Know your life story

Hey, I've lived this stuff, I don't just teach it. Years ago, when Pepsodent didn't reward me adequately, I quit. After Pepsodent, I joined Cole Steel Equipment Company -- and in 5 years tripled their sales in the Greater Los Angeles area. This went on and on until I started to awaken others to their potential. And to how to actualize their potential. I have demonstrated how my life story helps you understand life and create your life story. Concentrate on YOUR life story...and how you can write future chapters you'll be proud to show your kids.

Knowing those four things – your subject, your market, yourself, and your story – are the essential ingredients to selling yourself and developing a career or series of careers and ventures that will sustain you for your life.



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