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3 Steps to Creating Product Profits
by Burt Dubin

I leave it to other experts to tell you the mechanical details. Selecting your tape duplicator. Adding musical bridges. Editing out flubs. Cover design. Packaging options. Tape length.

The focus of this piece is the spirit of creating product profits. Here's my take:

1. Know what you're talking about.

    Be the expert on your subject. Research it exhaustively. Look into every archive. Follow up the slightest mid-paragraph mention. Read the least-known, most obscure publications in your field.

    That's where you find nuggets of wisdom your world doesn't know about yet. That's where you discover keys. Or pieces of keys. Then you link two apparently unrelated obscurities and you get a flash! An aha! This insight illuminates an issue your market is hungry to understand.

    And though you've just spoken about this issue in detail and in depth, many audience members rush to the product table.

    They wave their credit cards at you. They want to hear you say it again. They want to play your audio tape in their car. They must have your book to read on the plane. They hunger to watch your video at home.

    They yearn to soak up your stuff. They want to integrate every insight you share. Their investments in themselves pay for private school for your kids. They fund a nicer retirement for you. They make possible the fabulous vacation you long for.

    All this and more is yours when you just accept, embrace and engage this one tip: Know your topic inside out, upside down, backward and forward.

2. Speak (or write) from your heart.

    From your essence. From your soul. Infuse your words with your passion. With your vision, your intellect, and your caring. With your love.

    Use your intuition to look into the consciousness of your intended listener, viewer, or reader. What are their fears, their hopes, their wants? What matters most to them at the core of their being?

    What are their concerns, their dreams and fantasies at the level of their essence? How can you light their way from darkness into light? How can you ease their pain? How can you replace dissonance, turbulence and turmoil with stillness, quiet and wisdom?

    What specific attitudes and actions can you recommend to guide them in their personal career path? What strategies can you set forth – strategies they can use to advance the interests of their department, branch, division, district, company, industry, family or profession?

    What view of the possible can you reveal? What steps can you recommend? Steps that may guide your listener or reader to actualize more of their potential. Steps that may lead to more business success, more recognition, higher profits or more personal fulfillment. Steps that may make possible the realization of a cherished dream.

    I promise you this: When you dig deeply into your personal potential to make a difference, a deep and meaningful difference, you add measurably to your power and your influence, your impact, your popularity and your fees. All this because you speak or write from the depth of your beingness.

3. Share your perceived truths fearlessly.

    Sometimes the truth hurts. That's OK. The hurts and pains brought to the surface by your observations may need to be excised. (Much like a cavity in your tooth or an inflamed appendix.)

    They may need to be fixed. (Like a broken leg.) They may need to be engaged. (As Helen Keller engaged her loss of sight and hearing.)

    Have the resolve to make yourself the master of your topic or issue. Add in the audacity to speak from your heart. Cap this with the courage to speak the truth as you see it. You then step out of the ordinary and into the pantheon of noble servers.

Your books and tapes are then treasured by your audiences. You do good and do well through creating products worthy of the profits you enjoy.


 © Burt Dubin
 1 Speaking Success Road
 Kingman, AZ 86402-6543

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